Signs of Wisdom Tooth Infection

Signs of Wisdom Tooth Infection

Not everyone has wisdom teeth. If you do have wisdom teeth, there is a chance that these teeth can become infected. When you have a wisdom tooth infection, it is likely that extraction will be recommended to relieve the pain and pressure caused by your wisdom teeth. Here are some signs of a wisdom tooth infection to look out for.

Red Gums Near Wisdom Tooth

If you have otherwise healthy, pink gums and notice that you have red and inflamed gum tissue toward the back of your mouth, it is possible that you have infected wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth do not have an infection, they could be impacted. It is important to discuss this symptom with your dental provider to resolve wisdom teeth problems as soon as possible.


Pain is a sign that something’s wrong and requires treatment. If you experience unexpected jaw or tooth pain, we can help rule out other causes such as cavities or TMJ problems, in addition to wisdom tooth infection. Pain is a common symptom of a wisdom tooth infection and will often require removal of the wisdom tooth to resolve.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Swollen lymph nodes (commonly known as swollen glands) are often a symptom of an infection. If you have swollen lymph nodes in addition to gum inflammation or pain, it is possible that you’re experiencing a wisdom tooth infection. Taking antibiotics could be beneficial in limiting the infection. You will need to discuss your treatment options with your oral surgeon.


As with other infections, a fever could be a sign of a wisdom tooth infection. Since fever is a common symptom of “the flu” or other types of infection, you may want to rule out other reasons for having a fever with your primary care physician first, especially if you don’t have the other signs of wisdom tooth infection. Taking an over the counter fever reducer can help provide comfort until you can see a medical professional.

Difficulty Opening Mouth

If you have difficulty opening your mouth, a wisdom tooth problem could be the cause. An infection of the wisdom tooth area can spread to nearby muscles in your jaw and neck; leading to tightness and pain when opening your mouth. There are other conditions that could lead to difficulty opening your mouth, so it is important to seek medical attention right away for a proper diagnosis.

Having an infected wisdom tooth can be scary and painful. With the right treatment, you can expect prompt relief of symptoms. Many people require having their wisdom teeth extracted or treated due to an infection. There’s a good chance that you’ve met others who have undergone the procedure.

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