Dental Implant vs Bridge: What to Consider

Dental Implant vs Bridge: What to Consider

Do you have a tooth that needs to be replaced? Sometimes a tooth is too damaged or too decayed to restore with a filling or a crown. Perhaps advanced gum disease or an injury caused a tooth to become dislodged that couldn’t be saved. Whatever the reason, you have three basic options for replacement: a bridge,  dental implant or a removable denture. Which option is right for you? That depends on a few factors and the recommendation of your dentist. 

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is an artificial tooth that is attached to a crown on both sides. The crowns are fitted to the teeth which are ground down on either side of the missing tooth and the artificial tooth is suspended between them. In some cases, those teeth may need root canal treatment.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a complete artificial tooth and root system. An artificial titanium tooth root is surgically placed in the jaw bone with a crown attached to the top. It looks and functions just like a natural tooth and is held in place independently.

Ask the dental specialist: Which is the Better Option?

Most dentists will tell you that a dental implant is the best option for a replacement tooth. An implant is the most advanced technology available for an artificial tooth. Implants form a solid bond with the jaw bone that can last for the rest of your life. It preserves the bone that would otherwise resorb (dissolve) without a root in place. 

Nearly any patient can be eligible for an implant. Even those with severe bone loss can have it restored with a bone graft procedure before an implant is placed. The success rate for implants is high. 

The Versatility of Dental Implants

Dental implants are useful in other ways as well. When an entire row of teeth need to be replaced, an implant or two can be placed to use as anchors for fixed dentures. Not only do the implants provide a solid hold for the dentures, but they help to preserve the jaw bone that would otherwise resorb with the use of removable dentures. Implant supported dentures are becoming a popular choice for full-mouth dentures. 

How to Afford a Dental Implant

If cost is a concern for you, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bridge if you would prefer an implant. As long as you’re an ideal candidate for an implant, there are ways to make it more affordable. If your insurance covers only a portion or none of the cost, the next best option is financing. CareCredit is one that includes interest free options and affordable monthly payments. With the help of financing you can afford a dental implant if that is the best choice for you. 

Hoboken Oral Surgery Provides Dental Implant solutions

It’s nice to have options, and Hoboken Oral Surgery provides many. If you need to have one or more teeth replaced, we will evaluate your condition and recommend the best option for you. We can discuss the different options and answer any questions you may have so that you are able to make an informed decision. 

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